rlbct18 teaser pic

rlbct18 teaser pic
NEW FOR THE 2018 CROSSTREK... Our SSD Axle Back Exhaust, Rally Light Bars, Strut Tower Braces, Cold Air Intakes and Engine Covers are Available NOW! Scroll Down...

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Available now...

NEW AXLE BACK EXHAUST... 2018 Crosstrek, 2017-2018 Impreza 5-dr... We have just begun production of an all new, stainless steel axle back exhaust system for the '18 Crosstrek and the '17-18 Impreza. Mandrel bent stainless steel construction, nice deep tone that will not drone inside of the cabin. See below...

Coming soon...

NEW IMPREZA 5 DR ROOF RAILS... 2012-2016 Impreza 5-door (hatch) SSD Hybrid Side Roof Rails... We are developing our popular "hybrid" roof rails for all 2012-2016 Impreza 5-door models and all 2012-2014 WRX / STI models without factory roof rails (naked roof models). These will allow the use of aftermarket cross bars with a much wider spread for added stability when carrying longer items. Check back for more details on a release date...

New 2018 Model Subaru Products Available Now...

2018 Crosstrek... SSD Stainless Steel Axle Back Exhaust, Rally Light Bar, CAI Intake, Strut Tower Brace and Engines Covers

2018 Legacy... SSD Rally Light Bar, CAI Intake and Strut Tower Brace

2017-2018 Impreza... SSD Stainless Steel Axle Back Exhaust, CAI Intake, Strut Tower Brace and Engine Cover

2018 Forester (All)... SSD Rally Light Bar, CAI Intake, Strut Tower Brace and Engine Cover

2018 Forester base (naked roof)... SSD Side Roof Rails

2018 Outback... CAI Intake and Strut Tower Brace

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RLB pic

RLB pic
Our SSD Performance Rally Light Bars add an Aggressive Rally Look to Your WRX, Crosstrek, Forester, Outback or Impreza. Mount 2 lights, 4 lights or an LED light bar and still keep your front license plate!

RLB Subaru text

Our SSD Rally Light Bars are now available for;

2008-2018 WRX and STI*
2009-2018 Forester (All Models)
2013-2018 Crosstrek (All Models Except Hybrid))
2012-2014 Impreza (non-WRX only)
2005-2017 Outback (All Models Except Outback Sport))
2005-2018 Legacy (All Models)

Our SSD Performance Rally Light Bars feature 4 light mounting tabs, all welded construction and a tough, black powder coat finish so they'll look good for years to come. The light bars measure 30" long and the 4 light mounting tabs are spaced on 7.25" centers. We even include the license plate relocating bracket that will relocate your license plate below the light bar in case you want to fill up the light bar and still need to keep your front license plate!

With our SSD Rally Light Bar you can mount up to four lights or an LED light bar. You can mount 4 lights for an aggressive look and still keep your front license plate with the INCLUDED license plate relocating bracket

These come with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions for the light bar. Hardware for the license plate bracket is not included because it will vary depending on the specific lights you mount. Lights are NOT included. Bumper cover removal is required for installation

* Please note that the lower grill mesh must be permanently removed on the 2015-2017 WRX / STI models (not the 2018's)

RLB Subaru payment

Choose Your SSD Light Bar from one of the Drop Down Menus Below;
Choose Your SSD Rally Light Bar from the Drop Down Menu Below;

CAIS pic

CAIS pic
Our All New SSD Cold Air Intake Kits are Here NOW! Available with a K&N OR AEM DryFlow Panel Filter or NO Filter at all!

CAIS text

Our Subaru CAI intake kits maintain the factory Subaru cold air inlet / air box but replace the stock Subaru panel air filter with your choice of a high flowing K&N panel air filter, AEM DRYFLOW panel air filter or no filter at all for those of you that already have an aftermarket air filter. This intake creates a high flowing, true cold air intake. The rest of the factory draft tube is replaced with our mandrel bent SSD draft tubes that not only straightens and smooths the air flow but are sized to increase air velocity to boost both throttle response and torque while increasing power at high RPM's

Our SSD draft tubes are finished in a durable powder coated finish (either a gloss red or black) that will look good for years to come. This is the same finish that we use on our SSD strut tower braces and engine covers for a perfect match

The kit includes either a K&N panel air filter (including K&N's million mile warranty), the AEM DRYFLOW panel air filter (including AEM's lifetime warranty) or you have the option of NO filter. Our CAI intake kits feature reinforced silicone couplers, heavy duty stainless steel T-clamps and all hardware and instructions. These install easily without any modification

Available for the following applications, WITH or WITHOUT the K&N or AEM panel filter (in case you already have an aftermarket panel filter and don't need another one);

2013-2018 Crosstrek (except hybrid models)
2014-2018 Forester (all 2.5 models, will not fit XT models)
2012-2018 Impreza (non-turbo models only)
2015-2018 Outback (2.5 engine only)
2015-2018 Legacy (2.5 engine only)

Disclaimer - For Off-Road Use Only in some states;

SSD Performance intake systems are street legal in most states unless the state has adopted California Emissions standards. In these states, SSD Performance intake systems are not legal for use on public roads or highways and are intended for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public road. All performance modifications and installations are at the customers own risk. SSD Performance, LLC holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any aftermarket performance products. By purchasing any aftermarket performance product, the customer takes full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product and agrees that SSD Performance, LLC holds no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse


CAIS AEM Payment

Choose CAI WITH AEM DRYFLOW FILTER for your application below;
Choose Color Below;

CAIS KN payment

Choose CAI WITH K and N FILTER for your application below;
Choose Color Below;


Choose CAI, NO FILTER for your application below;
Choose Color Below;

abct18 pic

abct18 pic
Our new stainless steel axle back exhaust for the 2018 Crosstrek and 2017-18 Impreza 5 dr is here!

ABCT18 text

Our new SSD Performance Axle Back Exhaust for the 2018 Crosstrek and 2017-18 Impreza (5 DR only) features stainless steel construction with mandrel bent tubing and a nice, deep tone that will not drone inside of the cabin. We finish it off with a 3" stainless steel rolled / slash tip. This exhaust is more aggressive than the stock exhaust but not as aggressive as some others on the market so while you DO get a nice, deep sound, you DON'T get an exhaust that is annoyingly loud while having a conversation in the car. This system works well with both the manual and CVT transmissions. Check out the video below...

Installs quick and easy, instructions and gasket included

ABCT18 payment

Select application below;

STBSF14 pic

STBSF14 pic
SSD Performance Strut Tower Braces really tighten up your front end and are available for many late model Foresters, Crosstreks, WRXs, Imprezas, Outbacks and Legacys

STB text

Our SSD Performance strut tower braces feature one piece, all welded construction that is the closest thing you can get to welding in a solid brace. We finish these in a tough, high gloss red or black powder coated finish

Look for improvements stability during cornering, cross winds and while driving on uneven surfaces. Also, less "wandering" on straight roads and a more precise steering feel as well


2014-2018 Forester 2.5 (all 2.5 models)

2014-2018 Forester XT (all XT models)

2012-2018 XV Crosstreks (all models)

2012-2018 Imprezas (all models except WRX and STI)

2015-2018 Outbacks (all models)

2010-2018 Legacys (all models)

Please choose your model and color from the drop down menu below;

STB Subaru payment


ECCT18 pic

ECCT18 pic
NEW DESIGN! Our New Engine Covers Come in 3 Different Finishes!

ECCT18 text

Our newly redesigned SSD engine covers are laser cut and formed from stainless steel and are available in the same high gloss red or gloss black powder coated finish that we use on our SSD strut braces and cold air intakes for a perfect match. These are also available in an uncoated, natural stainless steel finish for a more hardcore race look. All cover feature our SSD logo laser cut out and include all necessary mounting hardware and instructions

These new engine covers are available for the applications listed below in the drop down menu;

ecct18 payment

NEW DESIGN Subaru Engine Covers, Choose application below;

ECSF14 pic

ECSF14 pic
SSD Performance Laser Cut, Stainless Steel Alternator Covers For Many 2.5 and 2.0 Liter Foresters, Crosstreks and Imprezas Match Our Strut Tower Braces and CAI Intakes!

ECSF14 text

Our SSD alternator covers are laser cut from STAINLESS STEEL and then powder coated in either a bright gloss red or gloss black finish for great looks that will last for years. These new alternator covers are the perfect compliment to our matching SSD strut tower braces. These really pop when you open your hood

Applications for all 2014-18 Forester 2.5 models, all 2013-17 non-hybrid Crosstrek models and all 2012-16 Impreza 2.0 non-turbo models

These include all necessary installation hardware and instructions. Installation is quick and easy

ECSF14 payment

Subaru Alternator Covers, Choose application below;
Choose Color Below;

rrsf14 pic

rrsf14 pic
SSD Performance "Hybrid" Roof Rails for 2014-2018 Foresters with "Naked Roofs"... If You Have a Forester 2.5i Without Factory Roof Rails, Now You Have a Serious Roof Rack Option!

rrsf14 text

Our SSD "Hybrid" Roof Rails for 2014-2018 Foresters 2.5i models WITHOUT factory roof rails are here! We call these "Hybrid" roof rails because they offer all of the advantages of traditional long roof side rails with the ease of installation utilizing your existing factory "fixed" cross bar mounts with no drilling required. Now you have a much better option than those over priced, limited function, factory "fixed" cross bars. Our SSD Hybrid Roof Rails allow the use of traditional aftermarket cross bars to be placed anywhere along the rails up to 50" apart for added security when carrying longer items like kayaks, canoes, long cargo boxes, ladders, etc.

Our Hybrid Roof Rails are made of 100% STAINLESS STEEL for strength and corrosion resistance and then finished in a tough, black powder coat finish to look good for years to come

These are rock solid and mount quickly and easily to your existing factory "fixed" cross bar mounts with NO DRILLING required. All stainless steel hardware and mounting instructions included

rrsf14 payment

SSD Performance Hybrid Roof Rails;

CB pic

CB pic
All of Our Malone Cross Bar Sets Feature Malone's LIFETIME WARRANTY!

CB text

These high quality cross bars from Malone are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY and will fit all 2009-2018 Subaru Foresters, all 1996-2009 Subaru Outbacks and all 2013-2018 Subaru XV Crosstreks with factory raised side rails. These heavy duty, lockable cross bars carry the best warranty in the business!

Malone SteelTop Black Cross Bars...

The Malone 50" Black SteelTop Cross Bars are a great value. They feature heavy duty, lockable steel cross bars with a black rubberized coating and a 132 lb load capacity. These feature the same square profile that most aftermarket accessories are made for (including Thule square bar accessories). These also carry Malone's LIFETIME WARRANTY

CB payment

Choose Malone Cross Bars Below;

subaru FG pic

subaru FG pic
Give your 2009-2013 Forester an Aggressive Look with our Cold Air Inlets! ON SALE NOW!

subaru FG text


Our SSD screened fog light opening cold air inlets for the 2009-2013 Forester will give your Forester an aggressive look and will let you get rid of those ugly fog light "blanks" that come on Foresters that do not have factory fog lights (these will NOT fit Foresters with factory installed fog lights). You can install these just for a great look but they can also be functional cold air inlets for ducting cold air to CAI's brakes, etc. by adding your own tubing

We make these from genuine Subaru OEM blanks so you count on a perfect fit. These are a direct replacement for your existing factory fog light blanks so installation is quick and easy with no modifications required

subaru FG payment

SSD Screened Fog Light Opening Cold Air Inlets, PR

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